Screw loose mind & Junkyard body: Day 1

The challenge has begun! 

Today my mind and body conspired to remind me exactly why I am taking on 101 days in a row…every old injury hurt, tight hips, tight shoulders and my mind, good grief, was all over the place, but most forcefully in Judgement.  And you know what, it was all GOOD!  Finally, around about camel or rabbit, things started to settle down and I was able to relax, enjoy and return to the breath, the moment.  Aahhh…good start to 2010. 

I am glad to see the last of 2009 – it was a bit of a jumble, wild ride for me with tons of change and stressors including but not limited to:  being fired, finally selling my house (after several price reductions), moving, starting a new job, starting a new business.  I wandered and wallowed and struggled, struggled.  No wonder my junkyard body came back, no wonder my screw loose mind is on the loose! 

It is good to be reminded, to return to the reasons for doing something.  I started my Bikram practice in January 2004 – I had fallen off my bike and injured my SI joint.  My physio recommended Bikram yoga.  I had been wanting to try, just never quite made it in.  So, now I had a reason.  I attended the “free day” the studio had and signed up for a year on the spot.  Some how I knew this crazy, hot, sweaty yoga was just right for me. 

And now, 6 years into my practice, I am reminded:  I NEED THIS!



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2 responses to “Screw loose mind & Junkyard body: Day 1

  1. lz

    Yay, this challenge will be such a fantastic opportunity to deepen your connection with your body! Looking forward to see what these 101 days have in store for us…

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