My mind, your body

My mind, your body…you may hear this or variations of it in class – don’t think, just move.  When I can get out of my head and into the meditation, into my body, I love this.  This is what I come to class for, the calm inside me.  When I have this, the 90 minutes seems like 9.  No Judgement. No Expectation.  No Frustration.  Flow, maybe even a smile or laugh at self.  I had this today. 

I have come to realize that I can set the tone of my class through my attitude, my participation, my willingness.  Hopefully I remember this realization.



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2 responses to “My mind, your body

  1. lz

    Well said – so very true!

  2. That is my very favorite thing, too. That is the power of the dialogue. So gorgeous when done right!!

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