Focus, concentrate, meditate damn it!

You wanna grab underneath your heels…you wanna lock out your knees…

NO,NO, NO!  I don’t waanna.  JUST tell me what to do…okay, let it go, just focus on your breathe…there…

Get out of your monkey mind

I would if you would stop talking about it!   Ok, focus, concentrate, meditate…

You wanna…

ARRGG!  Breathe, focus, concentrate, look at yourself, get out of your head, breathe…

Do you have one of those teachers who is a trigger for you???  Apparently I do.  Today, I was so easily distracted by my monkey mind, seizing on every little thing my trigger said that didn’t flow, didn’t make sense, or just plain annoyed me.  I was in my head, not in my body.  Consequence – I come away not quite satisfied with my yoga today. 

It is said that people and events are put in your life as a mirror for you – reflecting our conciousness clearly and accurately – a fabulous tool for self-awareness and learning.  So what is it I am learning today? I’ll have to meditate on that…



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2 responses to “Focus, concentrate, meditate damn it!

  1. Oh, man… I know EXACTLY what you mean!

  2. Needed to read this today… what a reflection! Thanks! 🙂

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