Balancing Stick is a 10 second endurance posture

This gave me a laugh in class…’cause sometimes, balancing stick IS an endurance posture for me.  Particularly lately with my new tight shoulders and my old tight hips, it’s all I can do to get into one straight line and balance there. 

Balance: 1)  Physically standing on one leg for the entire posture without tipping over; 2) symmetry in the body, i.e. both sides are the same;  3) Balance between flexibility and strength

Need balance.  Today, right side, forehead all the way to knee in standing head to knee.   Left side, difficult to get grip with out toppling over to the side (is the floor slanted????). Just one example.  

The body in the room, reflecting what is going on outside.  The body is always now, the sensations are now.  Sometimes all it wants is for me to pay attention.


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