Ah, now I start to feel it in my body – a bit of fatigue, a bit of adjustment, some soreness, a headache (dehydration).  All reminding me that I need to watch / prepare / be mindful of these things:

*Water – my water intake goes down and my hot caffeinated beverages go up.  I like tea, chai tea, but it is not really a rehydrating drink.  I have to watch and ensure I get enough plain, clear water.

*Electrolytes – replenishing through food (see below) and things like coconut water are vital when I am in the room lots.   

*Food – both enough in quantity and good quality – nix on the junk, snacks, in with the good fruit, veggies, fresh stuff.  I have to ensure I have good, healthy snacks on hand so that when I can’t stomach a whole meal due to proximity to hot room time, I can grab something that will sustain me.  Squeezing food in between taking and teaching in the hot room is a challenge all on its own. 

*Sleep – enough, i.e. just right, not too much, not too little.  This too can be a bit of a balance – I don’t do well with sleep deprivation. 

It starts with listening to my body, keeping tuned in.  Otherwise I’ll be a cranky yogi – and nobody wants to see that!


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