Before you even start, make up your mind not to give up

Thanks to the Challenge, I didn’t give in to my mind today – and I am so glad. 

It’s been a full year now; a year of challenge, change and stress.  I’ve hidden it well, burying it under a barrage of activity trying to get back on my feet, trying to adjust.  I feel the 101 challenge stirring it up so I can release it – a bit on edge, edgy energy at the wrong times and apparently with too much gusto.  From the edgy energy last night, my sleep was not as sound as I would have liked, so I awoke tired, groggy and yet needing to  be “on” for the day time show.  So I wound up a bit too much and bit of splattered energy earned me some disapproval.  The whole morning drained me, wore me out. 

I did NOT want to get off my butt and go to class this evening – because of the challenge I did. I really, really needed class, even though I really, really did not want to go.  It saved me; now I am that relaxed tired that comes from a good class and I bet tonight I sleep. 

Today reinforces the benefit of the yoga for me and how much I missed it.  It reinforces how some days the hardest part of the yoga is getting there.  It reinforces belief in self, trust in the yoga and not to give up.



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3 responses to “Before you even start, make up your mind not to give up

  1. I am so glad you dragged yourself…because of the challenge. I have had many days like that and never after class have I said “gee, I should’ve stayed home”. I always feel better too…. 🙂

  2. As people keep saying all around be recently 90% of the yoga is making it to the studio. Some days that is so true. Luckily I haven’t had any of those days yet since we started the challenge. But I would hope that it would act as that extra little push towards making it. I hope that sleep welcomes you tonight and best of luck tomorrow.

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