I’ll try anything once

Well almost anything…but we’ll leave that for another day. 

Today I had to get up to teach the 6am class at our studio.  I was awake from about 2 to about 3, and then the alarm beep, beep, beeped at 4:20.  It takes me until about 5 to get my butt out the door, even with prep the evening before (things like packing my bag).  At this time in the morning, it’s a 25 minute commute on my scooter – no traffic and I if hit all the lights so I don’t have to put my feet down.  I am ok with the class once I get there and I ensure the students get my good energy. 

I had decided to stick around to take the 9:30am class – it was that or drive home, and drive back this afternoon – with more traffic, it can take 45 plus minutes.  So I was looking at either an extra hour plus of scooting (which, by the way, is not particularly fun in the winter rain we get here) or 75 minutes of hanging out in the ‘burbs.  I chose the latter. 

I tried to prepare myself…had a smoothie before teaching, had a lara bar after and got some really good green juice blend at the local coffee shop.  Not that it was a bad class, not that I suffered, only that I hit the enery wall in half-tortise and wanted to sleep the rest of class!  If you have ever tried to “sleep” through postures, you know it’s not possible – at least not for me.  I give what I’ve got, even when on empty.  My body thinks am classes are for the birds any way, so my sleep deprived body was just laughing at me.  

Not sure I want to do that again. 

On a side note, I am developing the rough patch on my chin – something that I haven’t had since TT – it’s from the towel.  Any one else with “war” wounds?  (Sometimes I get bruises on my calves from eagle – probably my body is saving those for later!)



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3 responses to “I’ll try anything once

  1. bitsy

    I have rug burns on my pointer finger knuckles from pulling my feet out farther in Standing Separate Leg Stretching Pose! I haven’t got the chin thing yet!

    • ahappyyogi ~ oh yes, from the towel on the chin in the spine strengthening series. We all had them at training.
      bitsy~haven’t had rug burns on my fingers, but I know some people who get them on the tops of their feet from cobra pose (pressing the feet down)
      Guess it means we are working hard 🙂

  2. ahappyyogi

    Is it from the towel? I have “war” wounds, I did a 30 day just before Christmas and then I started to get some bruises above the left clavicula close to the front and the left hip bone. They just became more red and does not hurt. I have just thought that it is something that just needs to come out and comes through the skin.

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