Tomorrow the studio starts a 30 day challenge.  We have been talking about the challenge, and of course there are always those that just can’t commit at this time to a challenge.  It just seems too much for them.  So, I am telling them to create their own challenge.  

I am inspired by what some of them have come up with: 

  • “I’m going to come every Tuesday 6am” – a student who practices regular, but had never taken a 6am until this morning.
  • “I’m doing doubles 3 x a week” – also a regular 5-6 times a week practitioner
  • “I’m going to challenge myself to come 3x this week” – some one who comes regularly, but only once a week. 

Just a small sampling of creative challenges.  I am inspired by people’s personal motivation – especially those folks who are new.  Their enthusiasm for the practice is just fabulous, even as they struggle to “get it right”.  I am inspired by the woman at our studio who has now come somewhere around 700 days straight, likely more, every single day the studio is open, she is there.  It is not a question for her.  I am inspired by those whose bodies are broken and need to be repaired – by the effort they put into class because of the way it makes them feel (so much better). 

The students around the studio have been noticing that I am practicing every day.  I shared in the change room that I am doing 101 days and now they are my “watch dogs”, keeping me honest.  It’s nice support and they motivate me.  In turn, I hope I inspire them to take up their own challenge and run with it.



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2 responses to “Inspired

  1. Awww… that really is lovely. I think it’s brilliant when people latch onto these ideas right away and make them WORK for themselves. Paraphrasing a favorite teacher: everything is about love, and desire is all you need to really “get it.” 🙂

  2. I love that! Coming up with “mini challenges” that they can fit into their lives. What a great way to make them feel wonderful when they accomplish that! Awesome!

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