Solid, Concrete, One Piece?

Er, I’m sure this is not what Bikram means…I can feel the stiffness setting in. Hello knees, hips and shoulders! Glad you could join the party…ah there’s a little squeak from the usually compliant hamstrings…come on down…let’s get this party over with! OOHH, those abs are just so gullible…they are being “sucked in” at every opportunity…

Good thing I know this as a prelude to opening up.  My very first challenge, 60 days during the first year I started, I was sore /stiff from about day 15 to about day 45.  I was glad to have continued on the full 60 days so I could break out of the stiffness, going deeper and smoother in my postures.  Now, I have to laugh at myself and gently, firmly ease myself into the postures. 

My mantra – My body is changing, my body is changing, my body is opening…and so is my mind.


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  1. Gullible abs, I love it. And the mantra very nice.

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