Nuances and nuggets

This week 4 of 5 classes have been with 2 instructors visiting from out-of-town.  One is here until the end of January, the other just teaching one day.  I enjoy it when “new” folks come to town.  There is always something different in the class to take away, some different perception or correction in a posture that makes you go AHA or hmm.  Enough to take you out of autopilot and into attention.  I like that. 

Emmy (senior teacher with Bikram and amazing lady / yogini) said at our training:  “Yoga is a thinking person’s exercise”.  I am finding this challenge that I am indeed thinking more about the yoga, digging internally, as opposed to being solely focused on external.  So I am noticing and ruminating on things teachers say in class – they get me wondering.  In honour of our guest teachers this week, here are some things that made me go hmm:

  • The most important thing in your life is….(drum roll, please)…YOUR LIFE!  (Bikram)
  • Effort without tension (in the postures)
  • Find the place in the posture where your body is rock hard solid and your mind is relaxed and open, freeze there (stillness)
  • We do the yoga on our mat so we can do the yoga outside the room
  • Breath, form, depth (in that order)
  • I never said it would be easy, only that it would be worth it (Bikram)

I have other ones that come mainly from my training:

  • “one more open heart is one more open heart” (going around in a circle, with no end) unknown teacher
  • To get better at your practice you need three things:  Frequency, Intensity and Precision – Emmy
  • Think with your heart, feel with your mind – Craig

Sometimes, unbidden, these deep thoughts, sensations rise up and make themselves known again to me in class, reaffirming knowing, reaffirming life.



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2 responses to “Nuances and nuggets

  1. What a great post! I love these nuggets and nuances. Beautiful!

  2. SIGH. I love all of those! Emmy is my hero, honestly. I also love the one about “one more open heart is one more open heart.” It reminds me of something beautiful that one of my teachers would say: If one person in the room was healed of something during class, we are all healed with them…

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