Yoga Glow

You know it well.  You feel calm, light, bouncy.  Nothing bothers you.  People compliment you, making statements like:  “you’ve lost weight”, “did you cut your hair?”, “nice outfit” – even when none of this is true.  Strangers stare and smile at you for no apparent reason.  You have yoga brain.  You can’t wipe the silly grin off your face, even when you try.  Hopeless – you have yoga glow. 

Yoga glow doesn’t care if you are a rockstar or struggling in class.  Doesn’t care if you lock out in standing bow, or even if you can stay in it for one full minute.  Doesn’t matter if you can get your legs up to 45 degrees in locust or only half an inch. 

Yoga glow only cares that you do your yoga.  Practice with integrity.  Every.Single.Day.

Go Challengers – GLOW!  (I know you are even if I can’t “see” you).



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3 responses to “Yoga Glow

  1. I am a few days behind the group and just completed 10 straight classes and already, I see the yoga glow. It is awesome indeed!

  2. ahappyyogi

    The yoga glow is great! Sitting here in the office smiling 🙂 at realy nothing 🙂

  3. Started about a week ago. But the best one for me was walking past someone else with that same silly grin and twinkle in the eye while out walking on Sunday. I didn’t get a chance to stop her and ask what caused it but for that brief moment it was nice to not be alone in the feeling. 🙂

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