Beep, beeeeep…..!!!!!

Aaaahhhhhggggg!!!!  The yoga truck found me. 

I was thirsty all day, so perhaps I didn’t hydrate enough over the last few days.  Guilty perhaps of a few to many teas this morning.  Drank lots of water from lunch on.  Thought I was ok, just like any other “normal” yoga day during a challenge.  Everything was fine; nice heat, nice pace, room not too full and not too empty.  I didn’t pick front row, wanted a change of scenery today, but still had a clear view in the mirror. 

Things seemed fine until Separate leg stretching…whoa, who’s rocking the boat?!  This is what I asked myself as I came back up first set.  dizzy, had to put a hand down to steady the floor before I got up.  Just.Stand.Still.  Ok, late into second set, but I’m doing it, seems ok.  Triangle set up – vrrrooom, smack!  OK.just.stand.still. Moved into triangle, basically just trying to get through the posture.  Separate leg head to knee, ok.  Tree, toe, ok.  A bit fuzzy, but no spots, and now I get to hit the floor.  Relax….

…sometimes it’s just good to do the yoga for the yoga’s sake – I mean the whole purpose is to be here in the present moment and just enjoy that…you have no future, no past, just breath…

Floor series back to somewhat normal, strength not full on, but hey getting in and out of all the postures.  Then half-tortise.  HALF-TORTISE…who gets dizzy in half-tortise??!!!!! Vroom, vrrooooooom, scrreeeecchh, thunk….apparently the yoga truck had a point to make.  After half-tortise, the whole studio is pitching, like I am seasick, or have the bed spins (really officer, I wasn’t drinking before yoga). 

Just breathe, even when you have been practicing for a lot of years you can still have those days.

So sweet of her to think of me…Half-hearted attempts at camel and head to knee with stretching and an ok spine twist, get me out of here, except I can’t really move.  Just.Lay.Here. 




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3 responses to “Beep, beeeeep…..!!!!!

  1. ahappyyogi

    I can get really dizzy at half-tortise. It started when I got my virus on the balance-nerv, then that and Rabbit where the worst poses. It still happens once in a while. I think it is all the blood that gets to the brain.

  2. That damn truck! I tried to keep it contained here in Las Vegas but it insists on visiting other yogis! Ugh! 🙂

  3. This sounds oh so familiar, I think I was getting to the point of dizzy in half-tortise not to long ago. But it don’t seem to matter to me anymore (progress!).

    Michelle, nice try. If only it was that easy. 🙂

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