Warrior and faith

As in I am the Warrior.  Knocked the wind out of that yoga truck, so it won’t be around to bother any of us! 

There is something so satisfying coming back after struggling in a class or two or several.  There is a “yes” feeling to the whole process…

It dawned on me in class today – not only have I floundered, struggled for the last year, grappling with what was happening in my world, I had lost myself, lost my trust in myself, my faith. 

Faith is one of the 5 aspects of the mind that yoga strengthens. Faith = the confident belief or trust in the truth or trustworthiness of a person, idea, or thing (wikipedia).    Faith is belief in self (bikram). 

As I was in savasana, the realization came to me through an odd way.  I was feeling the spirit fill up with energy and the “rightness” of a connection I have with someone in a spiritual way.  This connection is not fully translated to the physical form – and I have been reading a book that talks about how fear  in the physical form can hinder or even stop actions / decisions from happening – the action won’t happen until the physical form is ready, even when the spirit “knows” it to be right / true.  So, in that moment, the aha was to trust myself, my intuition, to have faith in order to get through the fear, the wall, the block.  (really it was much quicker and more direct than I am describing it)

I realized that “I let the fear take the wheel and steer” (Incubus). 

It has taken a year and with realization comes trust, a return to faith.  Listen to my heart and drive. 

Faith = Finally Allowing It To Happen

Incubus  Drive http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLLvuzsx4sY



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  1. Ummm…I need more of your wisdom on a personal level! Can we be email buddies? mishkabaz1@yahoo.com. 🙂

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