Flow – I can feel it returning to my practice.  There is an ease of movement into and out of postures, kind of like a dance or tychi.  Effortless effort.  Being in the groove.  Focussed, but not scary intense.  I like it. 

This is one of the things I strive for in my practice.  Actually strive for is not accurate; it’s more like I welcome it when it appears, having totally forgotten it was part of the package.  I welcome it more than depth, more than stretch, almost more than breath.  Because it is all of those and more. 

Wikipedia (love looking up words in case you didn’t notice) says fluidity is the opposite of viscosity.  Simply, viscosity is “thickness”.  Kind of says it all – I do feel “thick” when my practice is off, when I am stiff, or when I am out of regular practice and it feels like I start at square one each and every time.  For sure it is not fluid. 

Viscosity describes a fluid’s internal resistance to flow and may be thought of as a measure of fluid friction.  Put simply, the less viscous something is, the greater its ease of movement (fluidity).

Put me down for being less viscous, I’m all for it.


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  1. That’s a perfect description. I always feel like my “yoga body” showed back up when I feel nice and fluid like that. Ahhh, I can’t wait to feel that way again! I’m a thick and viscous yogi for sure right now!

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