How to test your faith, determination, self-contol, concentration and patience all in one (long) day.

Set your alarm to go off at 4:20am.  Complete morning rituals, jump on scooter and “roar” out to studio to teach 6am class.  It’s comparably a large class for the studio for 6am.  Have woman who wants to buy membership.  Hope you have sold her the correct package at the correct price.  Teach class. 

Go for coffee (ok tea and bagel).  Get questioned about big news you are supposed to know about.  You don’t know, but now you know something is up….

Go back to studio to get ready to teach 9:30am.  Hear big news, but not from the person who should be telling you.  Teach class. 

Hop on scooter to zoom home.  Scooter not zooming so much.  Drive directly to scooter shop.  They tell you it has to stay for a few days…

Rush home on foot (it’s only a couple of blocks) so you can eat something, anything far enough in advance to practice at 3:45pm.  Hydrate.  Get phone call, hear same big news again, but still not from the person who should be telling you.  Both tellers swear you to secrecy that they have told you….hahahaha. 

Pack bag, go do an errand and catch bus to studio to take 3:45 class.  Timing is off, so you catch a way early bus and end up getting to studio too early.  Wait outside since it’s nice.  Chat to people.  Wish you had hydrated more. 

Take 3:45pm class – it’s hot and humid – not too much, just enough, but you are running out of gas because you’ve been up since 4:20…Class turns out good. 

Shower, dress, head to coffee shop for something to eat / drink.  Stare at paper but don’t really read it.  Hear big news for the third time, but still not from person who should be telling.  Get a message from scooter place…they tried to take scooter for a test drive, but it has no front brake discs left!!!!!   Can they go ahead and put some on??? 

Back to studio to teach 7:45pm – try to hydrate by drinking coconut water – actually feel a bit better!  Class prior to 7:45 is super humid and sweaty, so people are sweating for your class as soon as they walk in the door.  Teach class, keep most people upright for full class.  No one leaves. 🙂 

Shower for the 4th time and hurry to catch bus home.  Home by 10:45.  Hungry and too keyed up to sleep.  Decide to blog. 

OK, I did this to myself (the schedule part, not the scooter or the big news, those were bonuses).  I thought I would try this as another teacher needed to switch and I got to give away Thursday pm so I can get some sleep before teaching early friday again…Ah, this is the life.



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4 responses to “How to test your faith, determination, self-contol, concentration and patience all in one (long) day.

  1. Whoa. Just reading this exhausted me. How are you still standing??!! Ohhh, the schedules we give ourselves…

  2. that is a crazy schedule! And of course we are all curious about the big news. Is it something you will share with us in the future?

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