And me with out my yoga fighters…

They were no where in sight, those yoga fighters.  That meant yoga was free to toss me around like a rag doll, spinning first to the left and then coming back around on itself.  Leaping into the air and trying to slam me down to the floor.  Dry mouth, heart thumping and sweat in my eyes.  It was all I could do to hang on to the horn. 

Longest 8 seconds of my life…



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4 responses to “And me with out my yoga fighters…

  1. Wow. Been there recently too, but could never have put it so succinctly. Funny how “Vegan Rodeo” has made the rounds. 🙂 Keep hanging on to the horn. xo

  2. Uh oh. What posture was THAT?! Great post. Short, succinct, and funny (though unfortunate.) The fighters will be back tomorrow, I’m sure…

  3. Sounds rough, better luck tomorrow. I assume you were talking about Tuladandasana? The balancing series is just evil some days.

    • Ummm, it was the whole class…8 seconds is how long an actual bull ride is, if you can stay on that long.
      Today much better. Tired and sore (like I had been stomped on) but no need for the yoga fighters. 🙂

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