Hollow Leg

“You must have a hollow leg” – family saying for eating my mother out of house and home, usually refered to my brothers. 

But that’s how I felt today.  Apparently the last two days depleted the reservoir and being hungry (and tired) all day was my signal to renourish myself.  Oh, and then there were the cravings for ginger ale (I find it refreshing, especially after a hot class) and potato chips (I dunno, salt and carbs I guess).

I like how the yoga almost forces me to pay attention more – I mean outside the yoga room.  To all those subtle and not so subtle clues and sensations the body offers up.  I gave myself an insane schedule on Wednesday, not considering that of course other stuff would come up same day for even further crazy making.  Yoga said “take this, and that” while whacking me upside the head.  Body said rest, eat, recover.  To get back balance, equilibrium. 

We get caught up in “life” all the time – or what passes for life in our over busy and all too materialistic world.  Go, go, go, earn, buy, have fun, go, go, work, play, do, do, DO.  Where is the “being” in all of this?  It has been way too easy for me over the years to push play and go on auto.  Yoga makes me pause, breathe and pay attention. 

So today, I filled up my hollow leg and went back to class.



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4 responses to “Hollow Leg

  1. Potato chips are the BEST yoga food. Potato chips, pickles, and juice. Probably wouldn’t win me any Best Nutrition awards, but that is was my standard post-advanced class meal for YEARS. 🙂

  2. I went on a pickle binge last week. But ginger ale after yoga is my favorite thing in the whole world!

    I really love your blog.

  3. You are right, when do we have time to “be”? I guess that is what draws us to that hot room. To be. I ate potato chips yesterday for the first time in a long time! I wanted the salt too I guess. 🙂

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