It was so hot in there….

OK, everybody together “How HOT was it?”

It was so hot in there that:

  • sweat was running off my elbows in pranayama and into my eyes in halfmoon
  • I had trouble with awkward (a better posture of mine)
  • I drank water at balancing stick (usually only drink at party time, end of standing series and fixed firm – for years, even at TT)
  • I didn’t know what posture we were in at standing separate leg head to knee
  • my towel made that squishy-squishy sound part way through the standing series
  • spine strengthening series was a write off; I think I napped
  • a very strong practitioner beside me struggled the whole class and got up and left somewhere around half-tortise or camel (first time I have EVER seen her leave) 
  • several people had the “bathroom” excuse
  • I wanted, no NEEDED damnit, for the fans and air to be ON, ON, only ON!  (Not usually this way, they make me cold when I am sweating)
  • My toenail polish melted off!  (Ok I’m kidding, but that’s what I thought when I saw a swatch of colour on my towel!)

I felt like one of those punching clowns – you know the kind that when you punch they go down, but somehow manage to wobble back up again.  I wondered if it was just me since I have had that kind of week in class.  When I realized it wasn’t me, I kind of felt a bit for the instructor (only been at our studio a few months and each studio is different to teach in), which is why I kept trying and trying when all I wanted to do was be flat in savasana! 

Getting the heat and humidity right is a delicate balance sometimes.  I taught a class this week where the complaint was the fans were on too much – the humidity was huge and I didn’t want to cook the class.  It’s all very interesting.  I also was in a class this week, the one I wrote about the ‘worst’ 8 seconds of my life, where I thought things were too hot and humid – but that class was me and my head and my tired, depleted body.  As a teacher I often say every class is different.  I sure am experiencing this through the challenge! 

Now CONGRATS all yogi challengers 30DAYS, WOOOOO, WHOOOOO!!!  Are you going to reward yourself?



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3 responses to “It was so hot in there….

  1. Jeez. Today’s class sounds brutally hot. Glad you made it through! I imagine as a teacher, it must be hard to find the right balance of temperature and humidity in the room when there are so many factors to consider.

  2. ahappyyogi

    Brutal class, but you made it, you stayed!

    I will treat myself with a yoga class today as well 🙂

  3. I find it interesting how those 90 minutes becomes so many little milestones when you have a hot class. At least you made it through and stayed in the room.

    As for the reward, hmm… Maybe a double tomorrow? Seriously I don’t know, it’s not like I’ll give myself a day off.

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