Reality check

Looking my last few posts, you’d think I was really, really being tortured in the room.  Yes, I’ve had some challenging classes, but really, it’s all good. 

Because what matters is what is translating “out there” through the yoga.  Not only do I feel better physically, I also feel better mentally.  I am letting things roll off me, especially those things out of my control.  No need to stress about something I have no say in and no control over.  I say that, and have said that before and now I am finding that is my response.  I am not stressing.  I am not reacting to things in the same way now.  I seem to have more calm.  And that is good. 

I have also changed my mind from yesterday’s post…I said that sometimes the yoga is about physical vs mental, etc.  In reality, I believe the yoga is always about the whole – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Balancing out, so that I am integrated, whole, within myself.  It’s just that sometimes the actual class has a focus on  one or more of the aspects so that I can pay more attention to that one area.  Which in turn will lead to more integration, more oneness.  Making that connection – body, mind, emotion, spirit – wrapping it up all in one package.  Not forgetting one or the other, or living exclusively in, say, mind (where we “westerners” tend to live). 

I am pleased to be touching, cleansing, realigning ALL of me, in a way that is not easily achieved another way.  It feels good. 

Guess I have to keep going….



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3 responses to “Reality check

  1. Oh yes. The yoga is definitely about the whole—the body, mind, spirit, and soul, is how I see it. Some days I think we just work one part more than the other.

  2. Let’s keep sticking our heads down this rabbit hole! Lot’s of good things down there waiting for us!

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