Yoga is a way to gain balance, in many ways.  There is of course physical balance.  Then there is balancing of emotions and the balance between the physical and mental.  We can also be seeking balance in our lives – more equilibrium. 

Today, my balance in class was off.  I am speaking of physical balance.  I went up on my toes for 2nd part of awkward – a strong posture for me – and basically fell forward out of it before I even sat down!  Then my continued attempts to get up on my toes failed until I just had to laugh at myself.   Usually this is an indicator for me – that I am “off-balance’ in some other way.  And I knew exactly what is was.  I was in my head – but not in the “it’s too hot, this is too hard, my postures suck” way.   My mind was actually way outside the room, thinking and whirring and perhaps even sending smoke signals.  I had to continually drag myself back into the room.  90 minutes of meditation – not a chance!  90 seconds of meditation…maybe, maybe a little bit in camel was I focused enough to be there, in the moment.  It’s been a long time since I have had that experience, not being present in class. 

It’s funny and interesting how the yoga continually shines a spotlight on what is going on…in my life.



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3 responses to “Balance

  1. ahappyyogi

    The yoga is always shining a spotlight of what is going on in the life outside the class-room.
    It is a nice way to phrase it.

  2. I saw a tshirt that said “seek balance” on it. Aren’t we always trying to do that? 🙂

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