Another Roadside Attraction

I have always loved the quirky tourist attractions along the road, especially the ones in the middle of nowhere.  When I was 7 or 8, my mom took me on a road trip.  We saw some fantastic sights, like the  Columbia Icefields, lakes and waterfalls, the Continental Divide and many small towns I have yet to return to.  One of my favourite attractions was The Enchanted Forest – a corny little walk through the trees with miniature castles and princesses strategically placed to enchant any young girl. After that I was hooked – any thing that looked like it might be like the Enchanted Forest (the closest thing I had ever seen to Disneyland) and we had to stop.  We saw places like the Flintstones theme park (loved Fred and Dino!), the dinosaur park where I named each and every one, and the place with the waterwheel that had an “animal” that was a cross between the one-eyed, one-horned flying purple people eater and a mountain goat called a “side-hill gouger”! 

This is what yoga today felt like – I was driving along trying to find anything, ANYTHING, to distract myself.  In my head, but with no real thoughts, just that blank stare off into the distance.  Not present, definitely, but not really absent either.  Just “out there” somewhere. 

What I really needed was for the teacher today to knock my spaciness out of my head.  To grab hold of my mind in class.  It hit me part way through that this wasn’t happening.  Aha, I said to myself.  I get it now.  When a strong teacher grabs your mind, there is no question that they are in control and connected; engaged in the class…you move as one, you push yourself, they correct and inspire you to do it all now.  No drifting allowed! 

As always, it is never one factor that plays out in the yoga room or in life.  I drifted and distracted myself in class likely because I am drifting right now. 

Wait and see is the game as I can feel the winds of change.



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3 responses to “Another Roadside Attraction

  1. Oh man, i LOVE this metaphor. I’m such a sucker for the roadside attractions.

    I like your description of the teacher that “knocks the spaciness out of your head.” That’s how I usually feel when I take class from Bikram – he knocks me right out of my head and takes charge! I like it!! But yeah, not all teachers can do that. Oh well!

  2. I agree—this is such a perfect metaphor. I have had many, many days where I am looking for any last thing to distract me. I’m like a yogi hitchhiker just wandering down the road, waiting for someone to come pick me up.

    And usually, we just end up having to find our own ride.

  3. I totally can relate. Roberta always grabs my mind. I know if I drift I will hear her brazilian accent going “Miiichelleeee!”
    Oh crap I’ll think!

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