Everything is yoga!

This is one of Bikram’s lectures at TT.  He starts by asking us what he is doing now as he drinks his lemon tea.  Hmm, drinking tea?  Apparently not. 

 “Every aspect in life is yoga.  The mind cannot think what is NOT yoga.” 

After this nugget, my notes get a little hazy – Bikram likes to illustrate his points with stories from the Mahabharata, and frankly as I became more sleep deprived, the less I understood the stories.  There are the gold pieces, however, with lessons attached, some I still have to learn.  I like this one, though. It feels life affirming.   

If everything is yoga, all I have to do is breathe. 

Unfortunately, that is the only yoga I did today…no class for me, now officially one behind.



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3 responses to “Everything is yoga!

  1. God, that’s lovely. I could almost get teary over it.

    It reminds me of a story from my teacher, when she called a guy in a wheelchair into class. Him: “I can’t do yoga!” Her: “Are you breathing?” Him: “Yes.” Her: “You’re ALREADY doing yoga! Come on in here and do it with us!”


  2. Thank you! I’ve been swimming in thought recently it’s good to remember all you need to do is breath.

  3. “Just breathe.” Yes, that is my mantra—in and out of the yoga room!

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