What is that black fuzz under my arm!?!

Seriously…I shaved this morning…oh, fuzz balls from my fleece.  Very nice! 

Well, at least I was focused on myself.   And I didn’t notice them until standing bow, when I was actually looking all the way down my arm to the mirror reflection.  Don’t ya love it when what you notice, then focus, then obsess on in class are all those little things – like the fuzzies, the cracking nail polish, the unshaved patch on the legs.  I find this funny, because these small things don’t matter – and if I let them, they can become a distraction.  Today, I didn’t.  I just wiped the fuzzies away and went on to balancing stick.  So much easier to wipe away, laugh away than last week’s crazy distractions of too hot, not enough focus, wandering mind and creaky body. 

I’d like to get to that point in my practice where the small and the large distractions are both as easily turned away from my mind;  where there are no distractions, at least none that stick. Notice and move on.

Where I am focused on me, and only me for the full 90 minutes; consistently in every practice, every day.  How freeing would that be?


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