The body continually gives us signals about our life and how we are living it – signals concerning the food we eat, the activities we pursue, the rest we need.  Often, we disregard these signals, having to live our lives on a busy schedule we have bought into and set up for ourselves.  We mistrust what our body indicates, over and over again, until the patterns we have formed block our own energy, life force. 

The signals can become louder the longer we ignore our body – it is like a kid trying to get attention “here, look at me, LISTEN to me!”  Finally, disease or serious accidents arrive – forcing us to at least slow down, if not fully pay attention. 

We must learn to listen and act on these messages, these signals from the body so that we can live life to the fullest, accessing all of our energy and life force, increasing health and vitality.  Emanating light.  This can take practice.  Start small.  Trust and follow your intuition.  Do yoga.

Here is what my class today told me:  Strong standing series, even with pain in tib-fib joint (proper alignment really helps decrease / eliminate the pain in most of the postures) – hit wall in floor series, barely having enough energy to get into and out of some of the postures.  Some were valiant attempts that went nowhere.  But I tried.  Mind started to whine “I don’t wanna cook dinner, I’m too tired…wah”.  Body fought back – yes tired, because you have not been feeding me properly…shut up, get though the postures, and get home and make dinner like you promised me- I need proper nourishment! 

And there you have it.  I have been fighting myself in a vicious circle…eat poorly, go to class, deplete energy, feel tired, not cook, pick up not so nourishing food, repeat….This is a pattern I know well, and sometimes, just sometimes, it creeps up on me and is in full cycle before I even notice it!  Oh the stumbling forward a few steps only to be knocked back to retrace and stumble forward again. 

Today, I am proud to say, I let the body win.  Came home, made good food for myself.  No junk. 

Smile for small victories.



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3 responses to “Signals

  1. it’s way too easy to abuse our poor bodies. You are right…they give us signals every class. We just need to pay attention and make adjustments…

  2. Patricia Helowicz

    Love this post. Well done

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