A walk in the snow

For many Canadians, this phrase means the end of an era.  It is the phrase used to describe the evening / night   in 1984 when Pierre Elliott Trudeau (PET) decided to step down after 16 years as our Prime Minister.  He took a walk in a snowstorm and apparently his decision became clear.  If you are interested, you can listen to the news report here

This walk is not to be confused with A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson which takes a much more humours look at life under the guise of hiking the Appalachian Trail.

It would seem that walking to muse, mull, discover and decide is a popular activity.  Perhaps it is the rhythm of our steps or the contact with nature – even a walk in the city is contact with nature to a degree. 

My walk was not in the snow, nor in the woods.  It was in the wind, down to the ocean.  Wind is cleansing to me, blowing away the fog that can surround the brain.  The power and beauty of the ocean continually amazes me.  I needed that today.

One of the reasons I decided to jump into a 101 day challenge was exactly what is going on for me now – to gain some clarity, some insight into the direction of my life.  To reconnect to my intuition, to my heart’s path.  Knowing that paths lead to different places and change is the only constant.  As with yoga practice, life is a journey, not a destination.

Yoga has played a vital role in my journey the last 6 years.  After my first class, on a “free day” in January 2004, I knew the yoga was for me – I signed up for a year on the spot.  It has helped me heal from injury, have less pain and more mobility in my knees, destress and gain more balance in my life.  Yoga gave me the motivation and strength to see beyond my job as a government policy person.  When I quit my government job, I knew the yoga would sustain me.  I went to teacher training, with the intention of teaching part-time.  For the first year, I taught pretty much full-time.  Last January, things changed – and I suddenly had no job, no income.  I grasped at what I could, finding another teaching spot.  However my confidence in the business of yoga was shaken.  I decided not to depend on the yoga full-time.  I put more into my jewelry business, attending a summer market and several Christmas shows in 2009.  I love both ends of the business, really:  the creative side where something of beauty emerges from my own imagination and hands; and the business, selling side, where I get to interact with the public, putting myself out there in the world.  That is a bit more challenging for me, but then, I do like a challenge. 

What became clear today (really over the course of the last week) is that I have been clinging to the teaching of yoga as something “safe” and steady, even when I know it is not necessarily that way.  I have put the yoga first and treating the business more as a hobby, a supplement to the yoga.  I have been thinking this week that you really can have too much yoga. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the yoga and would not leave it or abandon it.  It is part of my life. 

I just need my priorities to be straight – my dual Gemini nature needs more than just yoga.  I need to put my jewelry business first.  Yoga is the supporting cast – the teaching and the taking can sustain me while I pursue the art and craft of bling. 

I have been heading down this path for a while, perhaps even since I quit my job going on three years ago.  I have been taking the long road home.  It’s funny how safe can win out over what is right and true. 

But I am here to follow my heart.


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  1. ahappyyogi

    I congratulate you in your new path, like another friend of mine told me today that she was quitting her job and I congratulated her for her desiscion!

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