Understanding me better

Today, I found myself irritated again.  I was irritated with someone else and with a situation.  “Just figures” I thought – “can’t believe it – I knew this would happen”. 

Then, I realized – it wasn’t “them” that I was irritated with. I was irritated with myself.  I am feeling pulled in two directions, even though I know I made a good decision, the right decision the other day.  I really enjoy teaching, being in the hot room, guiding others and seeing their practice grow and the glow in their faces.  I also enjoy and need the other, the business, the creative.  Sometimes I wish I were two bodies, so I could do more of both (I have a dual nature already, being Gemini).  Yet, I know that is not the answer.   

I can only say that I need to be pulled right now, so I can continue the testing of self, the growth, the change.  I know now is just a transition for me to something else…on the journey, on the road to who knows where.

No moss gathering here.



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2 responses to “Understanding me better

  1. I love that you saw you were really just irritated with yourself. Anytime I get put off by somebody I think to myself “ok, what is it about them that’s bothering you because that means it’s something to look at in yourself”
    You’re just a rolling stone! 🙂

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