Red-flag Pain

Yup, the searing, back-off type of pain.

Not the “my muscles need stretching” pain.  Not the dull, aching of yoga upon yoga opening you up.  Not the “my emotions are creating tightness in my hips” pain.  But “OMG, I can’t move” pain. 

This type of pain is visiting me today.  I didn’t think it was that pain until I got to class and the first part of awkward, where you stick your butt out and sit down, hurt like hell!!!  It is my sacro-illiac joint – a spot of an old injury.  I woke up with pain, more like a stiffness, a working through something.  Apparently, it is very irritated. 

I continued on, but my class became an exercise in form over depth; most postures in the standing series were ghosts of their usual depth.  In some, all I could do was the set up.   In others, one side was much better than the other. 

Once on the floor, sit ups were out.  Rolling to one side was slow and painful.  On my belly, postures were severely limited.  I could not get my arms under my body, nor lift my legs in locust.  Full locust consisted of sticking my arms out and squeezing my muscles.  Bow was one leg at a time, no kicking. 

I managed one set of fixed firm, sat up for half-tortise, but it hurt to put my arms up.  Thought camel might help, but nope.  Laid flat for rest of class until breathing.  

 Craig says pain is a response to tension – and with pain that flags – yellow, orange, red – “back away”.  Certainly I had to do that today, there was no choice.  Emmy talked to us about healing pain, saying in order to regain normal range of motion, you must move it – the tendons, ligaments, disks get their blood supply through movement. I am hoping for the pain to subside by tomorrow.  I will go and do what I can, motion, movement.

I am relieved that I do not have this kind of chronic pain.  I have students who come to class who experience pain like this, their only relief is the yoga.  Usually after class they tell me they feel much better, grateful to work it out. 

Patience, Breath



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4 responses to “Red-flag Pain

  1. bitsy

    Wow! I hope your back is on the mend real soon. I will be thinking good thoughts for it and for you!

  2. ahappyyogi

    It is strong doing a class with that pain.

    Working old things trhough is so great as we then can leave them behind.

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