Get into the room

Today, I had to have determination to get back in the room.  Yesterday was so painful in class – probably the most pain I have had in a class.  Yes, I have had “worse” classes, where the yoga truck ran me over.  But as a rule, yoga truck classes have nothing to do with pain – for me any way.  I had planned to make today a double day, however backed off when pain was still with me this morning.  Not as intense as yesterday, but “there” just as much. 

Still sore, still painful and today I could do every posture.  I could get myself out of savasana and on to my knees.  I could do camel.  Again, it was the focus on form that became my class.  Moving with purpose.  No sloppy transitions.   

Focus on form and breath. 

This is my lesson now.



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2 responses to “Get into the room

  1. I’m so glad you are taking care of yourself! No sloppy transitions. good advice!

  2. ahappyyogi

    Good you are making it to class, the pain will have to let to go.

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