Oneness – Wholeness

I rolled over to my side to make savasana a wee more comfortable.  The tattooed, rasta-haired woman next to me had placed a large amethyst crystal on her forehead, her third eye, and was calmly resting.  Wow, I thought, haven’t seen that after a Bikram class before.

Amethyst  is said to balance the energies of the intellectual, emotional and physical bodies.  Over the last few days, week, there have been several “signs” that have come up for me that is about balance.  I read Shakti Gawain, and lately her posts have been about masculine and feminine energy that is in all of us, and balancing the two energies out.  Yesterday, I was in my favourite local bakery to have soup and indulge in a brownie, and was reading the Tofino Times – finding an article on “Yin Yang – Rediscovering Balance”. 

You think I should pay attention???

Of course this is not the first time this has surfaced in my world.  The article describes it this way:

The concept of yin and yang is inspired by nature.  The Chinese character for yin literally translates as “the shadowy side of the mountain” whereas the character for yang means “the sunny side of the mountain.”  Yin (the dark half of the symbol) is associated with cold, potential, stillness, darkness, within, feminine, winter and the moon.  Yang (the light half of the symbol) is regarded as warmth, expression, activity, light, outside, masculine, summer and the sun.  All things in nature  have a yin aspect and a yang aspect.  These two aspects are opposing but fundamentally interdependent; without yin there could be no yang and without yang, no yin. 

I have also heard these energies described as “east” and “west” in terms of philosophy and ideology .  Shakti describes them as “being ” and “doing”.  I tend to have a very strong intuition, am creative and have imagination.  I am Gemini and have the dual nature – I have developed a very strong activity “doing” side.  It has been partly survival – “doing” is  how we behave in North America.  In many ways it feels as though my doing has eclipsed my being.  Yet my being is strong; it bubbles up, making itself known, insisting to be heard.  Insisting to be acted upon. 

And there in lies the key.  Balancing the energies by acting on the intuition – allowing the sensing to find the path, giving all to take the steps.  

Too many times, like steeling against future pain, I have allowed the doing to take the steps without checking in, fearing some future consequence or outcome. 

Yoga has helped me to tune back into my inside, my heart, my intuition and I am getting better and better at acting upon it.  So much easier to do this when it is work or career or livelihood.  So much harder to do it in relationship. 

But it is coming, I know it is.  Faith.


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  1. Funny…this got me thinking about how my non yoga friends think that by doing these challenges I am not balanced. Too much yoga. It doesn’t feel that way to me. It feels like it’s helping me to be aware of other areas of my life that need balance.

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