“You should do 210”

Statement to me by a woman at our studio who has done almost 4 times that many classes. 

Why 210?  I asked

“That’s when I saw the changes in my body, lasting changes.  The first time. ”

I haven’t thought much about what will happen on day 102 and beyond.  Only that I will continue to go, to practice as much as possible.  Maybe every day.  And yet, I don’t want to feel obligated to practice.  To make it a chore.  I want it to be part of me, my routine, something that happens – easily, simply. 

Perhaps I’ll just take it one day at a time.



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4 responses to ““You should do 210”

  1. Oh dear God I can’t stomach the thought of committing to even more days, but in a very strange way that sounds tempting!

  2. Way to early to decide what to do after yet. But I agree with your sentiment, I think I’ll just take one day at the time.

  3. You are all amazing for taking on this challenge! Good for you for putting one foot in front of the other and taking one day at a time.

  4. ahappyyogi

    I just know that just a couple of weeks after we finish the challenge we get our boat in the water again for the summer and then we are sailing during the weekends. That part of my life is so lovely and so relaxing and so meditating that I wouldn’t miss it for yoga, but I will continue to do yoga all the other days.

    One step at a time will make this challenge, and then it will be one step at a time after that.

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