Look Boss, da truck, da yoga truck…

Yes, for all those Fantasy Island fans…with a Bikram twist…

You all out there must feel very safe in class today because the yoga truck arrived here in full force and found a nice comfy spot today.  Felt actually more like a steam roller.  Did not impress anyone with my class today, since by standing separate leg head to knee, standing was a challenge. 

I was dehydrated…not lots, just enough so I felt weak, a bit dizzy, a bit nauseous and my calves, hamstrings doing a bit of a crampy, wiggly thing.  Enough so that I could only attempt the floor series in a minor way. Finally, I gave up and let the yoga truck have its way with me. 

Water and nutrition, so important.  I find when in the hot room lots, I become ever more sensitive to changes in diet, to not getting the sleep I need, not getting enough water.  I even become sensitive to things like medication and alcohol and foods like sugar and caffeine. 

It’s like the body telling me yet again to pay attention.  That it doesn’t want the bad…it wants the good.  And yet I develop the potato chip cravings…

dancingJ  discussed electrolytes on Day 57, Bikram 101 blog.   I don’t generally eat processed food, so perhaps my chip cravings are a sign I have to add a bit more salt to my diet.  I have also backed off my recovery drink – it’s a homemade concoction from The Thrive Diet that includes dulse (a sea vegetable high in minerals and vitamins) in it.  Might be time to add it back in. 

I find trying to nourish myself during a challenge also a challenge.  In fact, having “played” with my food over many, many years, I am continually fascinated by what works and what doesn’t work for me.  Sometimes I am not even sure why I give up things that seem to be working.  Are they not “habit” enough? 

Perhaps this visit from the yoga truck will set me back on track, back to Yoga Fantasy Island.  Where  the heat is perfect, the instructor inspiring and every class ends in yoga bliss. 

What?  could happen…



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4 responses to “Look Boss, da truck, da yoga truck…

  1. Oh, the truck, the truck! That damn thing likes to catch us by surprise, doesn’t it? I sure do hope it leaves you alone from here on out….

  2. Can happen, will happen. But then you’ll get bored and the yoga truck will be back for another visit. 🙂

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