Through the looking glass

What do you do when the past comes crashing forward on your present?  Do you wish you were back “there and then” – like highschool (not in a million years!)?  Do dig out all your old photos and reminisce?  Do you cry, yell, laugh? 

The past, well I cannot change it.  I can relish it, even embellish it.  I can snuggle in the warm cozy feelings and ignore any part that was unpleasant.  You see, the year I spent away was life, magnified.  Because it was a different culture, a different land, a different language, family, everything.  Although it was not all rainbows and sunshine, every single moment was part of the adventure.  It was all new. 

How to harness that feeling, that outlook, where everything is new, everything is an adventure.  Because it is.  We seek out sameness; we feel safe when there is no change, nothing to rock the boat.  And yet with that steady sameness comes boredom, a musty, attic-like feeling – closing in on ourselves. 

Time to open the curtains and windows to sunlight and fresh air – dust the attic.  See things, events with new eyes.  In a very real way, this wave of the past has brought me into the now. 

Now is what is important – for if I am to look back fondly on now, I need to make it count, to make it real.

To make it mine.


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  1. Beautiful post! Thanks for the reminder. We need that reminder, all of the time. It’s too easy to let the dust settle and then collect.

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