Talking myself through class

By Eagle, I was done…I mean no energy, dripping wet with sweat.  The towel looked sooooo inviting.  Fluffy and soft, it could be a pillow.  Well actually it was sweaty and not fluffy, but it still could make a pillow, right? 

I had to talk to myself (in my head, not out loud)…here’s what it was like:

You can do this…there is a beginner back there and he knows you are a teacher.  Be strong, dig deep.  Ok now, pick up your foot…do it, now. 

Breathe, just breathe.  Kick.  Go now.  Be strong, just do it. 

Just keep going, you can do this, you have done much harder things than this class. 

Toe stand…last one, here you go.

Ahh, the floor, the towel, the water.  Breathe, be still.

Ok, here we go.  No problem, you’ve got this. 

Cobra what? look where?  sleep, rest that’s all I want.  Ok arms out side, go, lift up.  Am I lifting up?  I’m intending to lift up, does that count? 

Drink more, not too much, just enough…you should have had more this morning. 

Here we go, half-tortise will revive you all that blood to the brain. 

Look, I have muscles in my back!

Just a bit more you can do it.  Strong exhale, get that junk out of your system. 

Savasana.  Ahhh. 



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2 responses to “Talking myself through class

  1. That sounds so familiar. Way to go on getting through class, and on the new back muscle.

  2. I’m always so grateful that no one can hear my inner monologue! And it is amazing how knowing a beginner is behind you {even if you’re NOT a teacher} makes such a difference!

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