Where’s my yoga butt??

We are now 71 days into this challenge.  Only one more 30 day challenge to go… and I want to know…

Where is my yoga butt?

We are well past the crazy second 30…and yet I still feel my practice is all over the place.  Shouldn’t it be a bit more consistent by now? Shouldn’t I be able to put down a solid class every time…not necessarily rockstar (that would be nice but I’m realistic) but solid effort, feel good about going to class? 

This week  after the slip sliding away class, which was strong  I had a see-black-spots dizzy with SI screaming and yelling knees class; a I am so bored out of my tree class and a good thing I came, this is great class. 

As well, I am feeling all over the map out side of class, physically that is.  I am tired, almost exhausted and I thought my energy would go up.  I’m still dragging around an extra 20lbs even with all the thyroid massaging, metabolism stimulating standing separate leg head to knee poses.  I don’t always sleep restfully.  In fact however I am sleeping, I am waking up stiff and sore, sometimes with limbs still tingly, asleep.  I’m feeling a bit irritable too.  Enough already. 

Where’s the yoga bliss? 

I would like just a bit more serenity…

And, if you please, a nice yoga butt.



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9 responses to “Where’s my yoga butt??

  1. “Bored out of my tree”–I will have to use that one.

    It’s so hard sometimes, isn’t it, when progress is not in a directly upward movement. I’m sorry you’re not seeing the progress you desire, and I think we’ve all gotten into slumps where the practice doesn’t seem as exciting as it can be. There are just periods of hibernation 😦

  2. ahappyyogi

    I wonder the same thing!

  3. Sisya

    Me too! I want a yoga butt! And I’ve struggled with extra pounds, aches and pains, irritability too. In my case, I think my hormone levels are starting to change & that’s the cause of my endocrine slow-down and lack of energy. Yoga is still hard for me, but I know I’d be feeling even worse w/o doing the challenge. And my butt would look worse too.

  4. “It’s a mistake to expect benefits from any pose. Expectations make you restless because if you fail to get what you expect, you feel miserable. Yoga practice is an act of adoration to the Lord – you do it because it has to be done. If you have this mental attitude, your selfishness disappears and the benefits come.” — Dharma Mittra

    Let go and let you body breathe. I know you can do it, it’s there in your words you’re ready for it.

    • Thanks Johan. I like that: Let go and let your body breathe.
      Some of this was meant to be tongue-in-cheek…but it seems it was my frustration that came out instead. I think I am just peeling layers and looking underneath…the yoga for me has never been just about the body, and yet it is in the body that everything seems to manifest.

  5. Ya, where’s the yoga butt, and where are the six pack abs? Mine are buried under 30 extra pounds on my 5 foot 8 and 1/2 frame. 🙂

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