Don’t let anyone steal your peace!

The last couple of classes I have been making peace with my yoga.  No more expectations, just letting the yoga roll with whatever it is for that class.  It feels so much better this way.  I am still experiencing some pain, some opening in those stiff places of my body, yet it is so much easier, smoother to deal with that on a class by class by posture by posture basis, instead of heaping all of my past practice on to today. 

It’s amazing what a simple shift in focus, in attitude , towards the positive can accomplish.  You hear it all around in various forms:

  • power of positive thinking
  • law of attraction
  • universal law
  • the “secret”
  • creating reality

It is equally amazing how easy it is to get mired in what you don’t want.  Call it the power of negative thinking – or as the law of attraction says “you get what you focus on”.  It can be very, very easy to skip merrily down the path of negativity without even realizing how far down you have gone.  Until you start paying attention.  Until you catch yourself thinking things.  Until you see how a thought has turned into an action and further into a state of being. 

Sometimes it can take awhile to see, really see it happening.  And then you wake up. 

This is one thing I love about the yoga in general and this challenge in particular.  It is causing me to look, listen and learn – about myself.  Where I am coming from, what I am doing and what I may need to change.  To wake up.

I became mired in a downturn a little over a year ago and saw only the tough things in my way…all the obstacles to climb over, around, through and they all continued to be there, no matter how much I climbed. 

I knew I needed the challenge, much in the same way I knew I needed the yoga 6 years ago when I signed on for a year after my very first class.  I thought the challenge would give me back my regular practice.  And it is.  My regular practice and so much more.  Hope and perhaps that goofy yoga grin. 

And peace.  I can feel the peace returning.  The obstacles are starting to crack, to melt away. 

Don’t let anyone steal your peace. 

Especially yourself. 



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8 responses to “Don’t let anyone steal your peace!

  1. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one that feels like progress is happening. Yes people stealing your peace is a huge part of it. And that grin, I love it. Which is a good thing cause I can’t get rid of it. 🙂

    I was in class yesterday and the teacher said “get of the yoga bus” so I mentally saw the yoga truck parking outside getting more and more frustrated that it couldn’t get in through the door. Then your “da truck, da yoga truck” came into my head and I burst out laughing.

  2. We find and then lose this lesson time and time again throughout our practice, don’t we? This idea of “don’t let anyone steal your peace.” I think, really, we are learning over and over to find peace in any given situation—whether the yoga is hurting or helping, whether we feel good or horrible, whether we are loving class or absolutely hating it.

    Maybe yoga is even prodding us to redefine “peace”—I used to think of peace as stillness, nothing happening, everything eased and calmed. Now, I see it as more dynamic, as active acceptance, awareness, and the ability to say, “Shhh, it’s okay, you’re fine, everything you are feeling is fine,” to myself at any given moment, in any given situation.

    Sorry, long rambling comment! I really liked this post, clearly. 🙂

  3. Great post. I think that every step we take toward doing what’s really right–toward doing our karma yoga–is part of our endless struggle to wake up.

  4. I just started Bikram yoga a few weeks ago, and wow what a humbling experience! This is such great advice for newbies like me as well as seasoned veterans!

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