Automatic for the People

Now that the end of the challenge is closer than the beginning, it feels like the yoga is now automatic.  In the sense that it is now part of everyday life.  Accepted that I will go to the hot room, every day.  Automatically the clothes are washed, packed away, food planned for, hydration happens.  Mostly.  I need an excuse, a really, really good one, to skip a day. 

It’s like when I started riding my bike to work.  I did it because it was good for me, because my friend had a much tougher ride and longer commute and I figured if he could ride over a rush-hour busy bridge twice a day, then I could certainly get my butt on my bike on a trail.  It was a slog at first, would take me a good, solid 45 minutes, huffing and puffing.  But I did it.  Every day.  Rain or shine. 

Once it became part of my day, I looked forward to the fresh air, the clearing of the head.  No longer did I need to make myself ride.  It took something to happen to stop the ride…like business out-of-town or snow for instance. 

That is the way it is with the yoga now…automatic. 

And yet, we all know that once you get into that room, it is anything BUT automatic.  Everything is different, especially if you are paying attention, focusing in the mirror and going to your 100%.  On the other hand, when you have no mind, no thoughts in the room, it is kind of automatic – a moving, meditative response.  Not auto-pilot – no cruise control allowed. 

Just you and your breath.  Over and over again.


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One response to “Automatic for the People

  1. ahappyyogi

    Wonderful, so nice said about the automatic and when getting in the room the non-automatic.
    Here the sun is shining so when you talked about the bike I just felt “why not take the bike?” but it is still to much ice everywhere for that.

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