Body talk

Let’s get physical, physical, let me hear your body talk, body talk….

What’s that ?  The song’s not about yoga???? Oh…….my bad….

Well, umm, any way, I’m getting so much better at listening to my body.  And I mean really, really paying attention. 

You have heard me on this blog talking about the pain I have been having in my low back.  Seems every morning class, it shows up.  Stiff, sore, sometimes to the point of little or no motion and perhaps worse, weak, weak, weak.  And some classes, pain actually increased in class instead of decreasing.  Of course, I am not really happy with that.  In fact I was the other day considering how much fun the yoga wasn’t

Then, yesterday, I decide (ok the body decided and I listened, finally) to not do the sit ups.  You know, when the teacher says “if you have low back pain today roll off to the side” – I have pretty much always done the sit ups, for a number of reasons…I usually can, in that it feels mostly good to stretch at the end; I didn’t want to be wimpy with my pain (in the “it’s not that bad” way); I actually like the sit ups, they are energizing – rolling, not so much. 

So, no sit ups  yesterday – because I couldn’t, I hurt too much.  And after class, still sore – actually well into the evening.  Then, while flailing around in bed (not as fun as it sounds), something popped – in a good way.  Today, much less pain. Standing series was the strongest I have had in a morning class in ages…sure, I could feel it, not in a bad way.  On the floor, I decided to skip the sit ups again – and voila, I could actually do every posture with out inviting more pain in! 

Now, as I write this, some 10 plus hours after class, I still feel good in the low spine.  Not pain, no reaching for a pain-killer, no squirming on the chair to get comfortable.   

Listen To Your Body…it can be subtle and the mind is very powerful with its reasoning. 

Seriously, though, TUNE IN. 

Every. Single. Class.



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2 responses to “Body talk

  1. ahappyyogi

    It is so easy but so hard to listen to the body,

    I am glad that your pain is less, pain in the back is painful and kills a lot of the joy of the day.

    • Thanks! I am actually feeling ok to good outside of class, most of the time. Woke up last night in a sleeping postion that was not at all comfortable for the back and wondered what the body is trying to tell me? Haha.

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