After thirty, a body has a mind of its own ~ Bette Midler

This was on a status on Facebook the other day.  And it so fit with what I have been feeling lately.  Like my body has other ideas than my mind…its own mind as it were. 

Of course, you know I have been struggling a bit with the yoga and the pain…really wondering when I would work through this particular bump in the yoga road.  It’s more like a large detour.  But I’m learning and gaining any way. 

The other thing that happened this week was an eye exam.  You know, the one where they put the machines up to your eyes, flash bright lights and puff air in and then ask you to read the letters on the wall.  The optometrist was explaining to me about near-sighted vs far-sighted and the lens in your eyes that after 40 starts to stiffen up.  (What, that too!  Can I do eye yoga??)

End result (which I really already knew) – need new glasses…particularly for reading (or anything that is at that distance, like say, making jewellery).  So, progressive lenses here I come. 

There is really no avoiding aging…it is after all a fact of life as we know it.  Every year, we turn, well, a year older.   I am not so fussed with the cosmetics of it.  I sprouted my first grey hair at age 16, thanks to family inheritance.  I kind of like wrinkles; they add character.  I don’t like that permanently stretched and ironed skin that a face lift gives.  Kind of creepy. 

What I don’t like is the aging body when it leads to less mobility; to changing hormones that can wreak havoc with things like mood, sleep and body weight. 

I know the antidote to these processes is to take care of the body.  Pay attention to my body.  How I treat it.  What I feed it.  How I stress it, or relax it.  How I keep it mobile, strong, flexible. 

This of course, is where yoga comes in.  I can only assume that I am much better off – healthier, happier, centred – from doing the yoga, than if I hadn’t done it these last 6 plus years. 

My body is my true “home”.   I had best take care of it. 

The body is your temple.  Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in.  ~B.K.S. Iyengar, Yoga: The Path To Holistic Health



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2 responses to “After thirty, a body has a mind of its own ~ Bette Midler

  1. ahappyyogi

    Welcome to the gang with glasses needed for reading… 🙂

    I sometimes wonder where I would be in my body if I didn’t do yoga to take care of all the rest of the aging signs? It is a scary thought. But I would never ever do a lift, botox or anything like that.

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