There’s gonna be some change around here

I mean around this blog. 

I started up here mainly to record the 101 days of Bikram.  The joy, the tears, the passion, the pain…well you’ve been reading along so you already know.  I wanted a record that wasn’t just in my memory banks.  And blogging seems well, so mainstream these days. 

I am AMAZED at the blogs out there…everything you could ever think of has a blog.  And every blog is as different as we are people.  It’s kind of crazy, this public profile we put out there for all to read.  I could spend days lost in cyberspace blog land.  I have to be careful of being led down that rabbit hole, however…I am easily distracted by fun stuff and OOOHHH shiny things.  Especially if they are within a keystroke reach. 

So, my secondary motive for creating this blog was to actually see if I could do it.  To see if you would read, comment, and maybe follow along with me on this journey we call life.  I wasn’t expecting much – the 101’ers perhaps to check in since we are linked on the home page.  Others, however have stopped by, commented and I am grateful for that.  I have also been amazed at what touches people – what gathers comments and what doesn’t (you know when I think I’m being brilliant, perhaps not so much, haha). 

In that weird cyber-space way, blogs create community.  I see it on other blogs, especially when we allow our personality to shine out of the blog…when we, blog writer, are putting ourself out there for all to see whatever is on our mind and in our heart.  The connection goes beyond, sometimes meeting the face behind the post in person.  And, I have heard, the connection is still there. 

I have been enjoying the blogging, more than I thought I would.  But, hey, I’m Gemini and I’ve got “communicator” in my blood and I am at least in part a closet writer.  (I tried to throw myself into a writing career, but it didn’t take…I still like to write, obviously). 

So, the blog will indeed continue.  You will continue to see posts on yoga and you will see posts on other areas of my life.  Most notably, my business.  Besides a yoga teacher, I am a jewellery artisan.  I make and sell silver jewellery.  Over the next few weeks, I’ll introduce you to my business in a more formal way, including pics.  For now, you can go here and check it out. 

I promise not to bore you by pushing my wares on you.  I promise to strive to be entertaining, insightful and fun by writing about things that matter – i.e. LIFE. 

I hope you will stay tuned. 

PS:  I’m still learning all the blog functions and having fun trying to figure it all out, so if things pop up, disappear, change colour, it’s just me playing around until I get the right feel.  🙂



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8 responses to “There’s gonna be some change around here

  1. Glad you like it and will be sticking around! I’m leaving my blog up because I will most likely do a 60 day challenge this fall and blog at that time. 🙂

  2. ahappyyogi

    I look forward to read more about your life outside the yoga.

  3. Indeed, indeed. But you might be sightly wrong about the brilliant bit. I’ve often felt unable to comment on your post because they just seems so complete that adding a comment wouldn’t improve rather just dilute. And diluting great posts would be a shame. 🙂

  4. Big G

    Now I understand the lynxofsilver name…

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