It’s Market Season

Today…well technically yesterday, April 1st, is start of the market season.  I had planned to start today, being Good Friday, and with the nice spring we have experienced, I was expecting to be out among the sun and flower-starved tourists from other locales. 

Apparently, our weather has a different idea.  At this moment, about 8:30 am, the grey, shaggy rain clouds are scurrying across the sky, pushed along by winds puffing at 40km/hr creating waves on the puddle in the lot behind me.  Forecast is not much brighter…rain, with winds gusting to 80km/hr (hang onto small dogs). 

But this is Victoria and while I am not optimistic for today I have in the past woken up to clouds and rain, and ended up down at market in the sun.  I usually give it until 11 to make final call. 

This is the second year I will wheel my wares down the street, 6 blocks or so, to take part in the Artisan Market at Bastion Square  here in Victoria.  I set my table up, weather permitting, three to four days a week.  It is an opportunity for me to be outside and for me to interact with the public.  And for me to get my work out there to see the reaction. 

I enjoy the interaction both with the public and with my fellow artisans.  It makes the work week contain variety, which of course is the spice of life.  It’s quirky and colourful. 

In order to get ready for the season, I set up my table in my living room.  I have new product this year and I have a different way to display it.  So, I needed a trial run to ensure it goes somewhat smoothly at first set up. 

Here’s a few photos…


Wait, did you see that?  Over there in the corner?    Yup, that’s my cat, Hobbes “helping” with the display.  Fuzzy, little helper, placing light cat fur on all my nice dark colours…Ah, they had to be washed any way. 

So, for now, I wait out the weather.  If not today, then tomorrow; or perhaps it will be next week. 

I’m ready.  

***PS:  I think this dark theme has to go.  Look for brightening up to come soon.


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