You have to do your yoga to get the chocolate.

One of the teachers said this the other day.  And of course my ears perked up.  Anything to do with chocolate, I’m in. If I have to do yoga to get chocolate, I’m in. 

Chocolate and I have a love / hate relationship.  A sweet tooth is mandatory for being part of my family – we all have it.  Chocolate was almost a religion growing up.  Almost everything was celebrated with chocolate.  And it did creep a bit into daily living.  One of my favourite treats was vanilla ice cream topped with “Quick” powder chocolate milk mix…I liked it better than chocolate ice cream.  Really.  Sometimes we had chocolate bars (how does that caramel get inside the chocolate????).  But mostly we had chocolate for special holidays…Halloween, Christmas and of course Easter!  

I loved the easter hunt at my house.  My mom was specially good at treasure hunts with clues. Along the way, those small, football-shaped, foil eggs were hidden in obscure places – in planters, under my stuffed animals, in the cupboard with the cereal… Always at the end would be the largest chocolate bunny you could imagine.  Usually in a colourful decorated basket, with perhaps a pompom yellow chick, or white bunny and lots pink or purple shredded bedding that gets everywhere.   

Fast forward into adult hood.  Still have the chocolate addiction, but my system no longer tolerates dairy…and dairy of course is in all “milk” chocolate.  Not to mention high doses of sugar and more sugar.  While my previous “MO” would be to reach for the milk chocolate, I have now learned to appreciate and savour dark chocolate. 

Especially Artisan chocolates.  My favourite right now are organicfair.  They have luscious, interesting flavours combined in the dark chocolate bars named “silk road”, “kashmir” and “westcoaster” – a world of taste.  I don’t need much to satisfy the choco-craving.  Yummm.  They also do three different Christmas special flavours, but no bunnies.

A previous favourite, Denman Island Chocolate, still gets a taste now and then, when I need only one flavour, like mint or hazelnut.  Bonus – they do Bunnies!  I have been on my own hunt for a Denman Island Bunny this Easter, but they seem to be extremely well hidden. 

Now – Go do your yoga, so you can get that chocolate.   

I am.



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4 responses to “You have to do your yoga to get the chocolate.

  1. ahappyyogi

    Mmmmm, chocolate! Chili-chocolate!

  2. I ate an obscene amount of chocolate this past weekend. Meaning, I will now spend a week doing an obscene amount of yoga to work it all off!!!!

    Sweet post. Pun intended. 🙂

  3. Bikram Barbie

    Do you have any diet recommendations, books or plans, that can assist me in weight loss as an aspiring Bikram yogi?

    • Hi, Bikram Barbie.
      My weight loss journey has involved many twists and turns and roundabouts – sometimes I have ended up exactly where I was. So, I can only speak from my experience…At my peak, I was an unhappy, unhealthy 195lbs on a 5’2″ frame. I turned to weight watchers and then started eating vegetarian in order to actually eat more healthy. I made health a priority in weight loss. Bikram yoga came into the mix and helped me further the journey.
      I have found that the journey is continual paying attention to my habits. Yoga can help with that.

      So, in a nutshell, find what works for you and keep your health in mind. When you “fall off the wagon”, just climb back on, no judgement. (I know easier said than done).

      Feel free to be in touch if you have more questions. 🙂

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