Reunion tour

Apparently, Yoga Truck is on a reunion tour!  I thought it was gone – goodbye, I’m done with you, don’t come back until hell freezes over. 

Which you know isn’t going to happen in a Bikram room…not with slogans like “hotter than hell” and “hot, hard, worth it”. 

Well, just like the Eagles, Yoga Truck is back on tour.  I was wanting to put out a warning for you all, but apparently Truck already visited Sisya and enjoyed it enough to put on a second show. 

I had my own showing on Sunday, perhaps I had too much chocolate

So, watch out, Yoga Truck is gathering speed. 

Focus, concentrate and take care of yourselves to avoid the show.

And remember, just get into the room and breathe.  It counts.



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6 responses to “Reunion tour

  1. Big G

    Hopefully this isn’t a long tour…

  2. Sisya

    Maybe the Truck was just hitting the Pacific Northwest this time! Here’s hoping it’s left your town for a good long time.

  3. ahappyyogi

    It was the EasterTruks on tour, the first one comes with all the goodies, chocolate and candy and while we are so occupied with that the second one just runs over us.

    I had my share as well.

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