I got new glasses on Monday.  This is a good thing.  No, really, it is. 

I have worn glasses for about 20 years.  I didn’t get them until I was an adult and noticed a number of things…like I would walk into doors and table corners.  Like when I was driving at dusk and the street signs would “disappear”.  Or the time I went to the movie, complained the whole time that it was out of focus and ended up with a massive headache.  (My aunt was with me agreed it was out of focus, but apparently only to shut me up!).  I knew it was time to get the eyeballs examined when I had to sit up front at a training program ’cause I couldn’t see from the back. 

I was into lots of sports, so I got contacts, and wore them for years until dry eyes made them feel more like sandpaper than anything else.  So, I got frames and glasses and had to wear constantly, except for reading and up close work. 

This year, no not even that long, the last few months, I noticed  I couldn’t see to work on my jewellery.  This is a serious problem, to only be able to work for maybe an hour before the eyes and brain screamed at me…STOP, TIRED!  Not to mention it was frustrating to not be able to complete what I was working on in the same way, same attention to detail as I normally have…I couldn’t see the detail! 

So, I bit the bullet.  New glasses…nice new frame and…

Progressive (!) lenses. 

The way these things work is that I have to look directly, squarely at what I want to see.  Who knew I did it differently?  It’s kind of freaky actually.  To go down stairs and actually see where I am stepping (so I don’t tumble ass over teakettle to the bottom) I have to tuck my chin into my chest and peer down, instead of what normal people do and that’s look down with just their eyes (except when stepping forward in balancing stick when everyone drops their chin to make sure the floor is still there).

It’s taking a while to get used to turning my head to get things in focus.  Last night I was teaching class and actually experiencing a bit of vertigo because I was looking side to side without turning the head…wooo, dizzy!  So far, no stairs accidents.  Apparently, the action will become normal as the eyes and the brain work together once again. 

But I CAN SEE…up close, for more than 10 minutes, without getting a raging headache.  And that’s a good thing, because I have a large order of earings to create. 

I have a renewed appreciation for my sight, and really for a functioning body (metaphorical warts and all). 

It’s amazing that there are lessons all around, just for the taking.


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