Yoga Gratitude

I’ve been mulling on this toping since Monday. 

I have been reading the posts over at In It To Gym It, which is a group blogging about their journeys to get fit.  I empathise with their struggles…in fact, I have had their struggles before.  The battle to lose weight, to stick to an exercise program, to eat healthy…to incorporate all of that into a lifestyle that just wasn’t that way.  Changing habits is hard.  Hard work and it requires attention and energy.  And I applaud anyone attempting to regain their health. 

I still share their journey in fitness; after all one of my reasons for hopping into 101 days of yoga was to regain my practice, and regain my overall fitness.  What struck me as I sifted through their posts, their lives was that even with this in common, something is different.  My sense of my fitness, my health is different from what I am reading on their blog.  Not that I don’t still have my moments when it is all about the 20lbs or the brownie I just ate or my busy, sometimes stressful life. 

But. and this is a big but, my sense of health, of happiness, of self  is different now.  For this I have yoga to thank. 

When I go into the room and stand on the mat, facing myself in the mirror, there is nowhere to hide.  No excuses, no mind, just breath.  It is what it is…sweat, blood and tears.  Tearing down walls, assumptions and all those exterior notions that have seeped deep into my mind, so deep that I took them on as my own.  The bright lights don’t only shine on the sweaty forehead, they shine deep in to the dark recesses of the mind,clearing it out and lighting up the soul. 

When I go into the room, I can see me, sense me, be me. 

And after, when I come out of the room, you can see me too. 




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8 responses to “Yoga Gratitude

  1. This resonates so deeply with me right now, and not just because I just ate a brownie. 😀 This writing is so achingly beautiful!

  2. ahappyyogi

    It is so true just that going into the room and facing oneself in the mirror will develop a so much bigger change than just the brownie-thing.

  3. Beautiful line about the light on dark recesses of the soul. The change that can come from shifting the goal from “X lbs” to self-improvement and self-care can be immense. I dig that site, too. 🙂

  4. I’m so glad IITGI is resonating with you! We have a bunch of yogis for sure, but what I love about the site is all types of women, athletes, and weight-loss journeys are represented 🙂

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