Yoga Tomorrow??

Well, that’s it – 101 days done!

First, I want to thank The Missus, dancingJ and BikramYogaChick for thinking this thing up AND for getting it out there for all of us.  Thanks also to all you fellow 101’ers for taking on the challenge – doing this together made it so much easier.  No matter what happened in your challenge, you were in – it’s kind of like getting into the room -starting with intention.  Congrats!  To the other bloggers and those who have offered up comments and support – it was great.  I’ll be keeping my eyes on you.  And you, dear reader, thanks to you as well…I know you are lurking there even if you don’t make any comment!  🙂 

101 days, wow!  Seemed like a lot of yoga, a large commitment, and now on day 101, it feels kind of anticlimactic.  Just another day, another class.  I was looking back to my day 1 post which talks about healing my “junkyard body and screw loose mind”.  What I really wanted was to get back a regular practice.  To remember why I do the yoga in the first place.  To get my yoga groove back so to speak.  I suppose, if today feels just like another day, I have achieved that. 

And that begs the question.  What about tomorrow? 

There is something tantalizing about NOT doing yoga tomorrow.  My hips may like that; my laundry basket could be ecstatic! 

But, I’d have to have a really good excuse to not go…because a regular practice is just that…and it’s entirely possible I won’t be able to make it later in the week.  I want to practice 5 times a week, maybe 6 – maybe more, who knows how the pattern will settle out?  What I don’t want is the gaps I had last summer; the weeks of one or two days, falling out of practice. 

Will you yoga tomorrow? 

Any one for 210?

PS:  New theme…what do you think?



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12 responses to “Yoga Tomorrow??

  1. lz

    Congratulations on 101 days!!
    “What I really wanted was to get back a regular practice … I suppose, if today feels just like another day, I have achieved that.” That’s FABULOUS! 101 days of intensity is awesome, but the conclusion of the challenge is by no means an end to anything in our practice! 🙂 The practice continues on, always – it is a process that keeps on going.
    As for tomorrow… do whatever feels just right. 🙂 Yay for 101 days!

  2. Big G

    You already know my answer to this question! Of course I’ll be in class tomorrow! Very well done for completing the challenge!

  3. Sisya

    I have to clean the studio tomorrow, so I may as well take class too!

  4. Will take two days of but then back to the studio on Wednesday.

  5. ahappyyogi

    I’ll be in class tonight, I still have 16 days to go on my 30 day challenge, it would feel so strange to go to work without my yoga-bag.

  6. congrats! thank is an achievement–especially highlighted by your commitment to keep up with the laundry.

    well done, and good luck with 210!

  7. WHAT AN AMAZING AMAZING ACHIEVEMENT. You can do anything! Congrats and enjoy the view from post 101 days in the hot room! WOW!

    • It’s easy to forget from inside the 101 how it looks from the outside; going to yoga has become habit again…so it is great to be reminded of that perspective. Thanks ariella!

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