Celebrating breakthroughs and accomplishments

As a yoga instructor, I get to witness phenomenal change in the students – in their bodies, and their minds.  I get to see them touch their forehead to the floor for the first time, grab their heels, see their foot fly above their heads.  I am party to their breakdowns and thus their breakthroughs.  I see their yoga grin grow and their spirits glow.  It is fantastic and keeps me returning to the podium time and time again.  For them, to see them. 

I realized post-101 challenge that I am not so good at witnessing, expressing, embracing these achievements in myself.  That I often put it down to “what is” or even the heavier “I can do better” (partnered with a little “I used to”).  When I see it in my students, I revel in their amazing-ness.  When I even bother to recognize it in me, I am all too ready to pass it off, to glide over it. 

Why is that?  This is not uncommon; in fact I see it everyday in others along with myself.  This belief that we are some how wrong, or not good enough to celebrate ourselves.  That only selfish people boast about themselves.  That this is BAD.  Nice people don’t do that. We hang out, waiting, wanting for someone to notice us, to toot our horn for us…perhaps so we can say “gosh, it was nothing, really”.

Now, I am not talking about overblown ego here, where someone creates themselves to be something they are not, trying to one-up everyone else. 

I’m talking marveling in our own specialness, reveling in our talents – recognizing and embracing whatever it is that we do well, every day.  Believing in ourselves.  And showing that off to the world.  Because to cover it up is fraudulent – papering over what we are in all its glory is a false front.  It is not who we are; it is not even special. 

We must Grow, Bloom, Thrive. 

Kick the Damn Door DOWN and embrace your abundance. 

What are you celebrating in yourself today?



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8 responses to “Celebrating breakthroughs and accomplishments

  1. “…embrace your abundance.”

    That is my new favorite thing, EVER.

  2. it’s the “i used to..” that crushes my spirits. i often think, “i used to be able to do this, or that…” and i am immediately let down by what my body is doing at that moment. but, last night in yoga class, for the first time ever, i let that thought pass right through me and did not judge myself. it was amazing, but i didn’t think about it again until now. this morning, i read your post, and thought, yes! celebration!

    thank you!

  3. This is so beautiful. Reminds me of the Marianne Williamson quote that includes, “Who are you not to be [brilliant, gorgeous, fabulous, talented]?”

    So go ahead, marvel in your specialness. 🙂

    I heart the new format, btw.

  4. Yes, I love the new format! And this post! We absolutely should marvel in ourselves. I think that’s what my yoga is all about actually.

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