Pay Attention

I’m convinced that the most important thing you can do for the earth is pay attention

We live in a fast-paced, technological and crazy world, especially in “the west”.  We are busy, and we want what we want NOW.  We believe that recycling in our blue bin, carpooling and buying organic is doing our part for the world, for the environment. 

We have become complacent.  Don’t get me wrong, any steps taken ARE important.  It is just that most of us have stopped at one or two actions.  Or we haul out our “greenness” on Earth Day, and like a diet, we renew our vow to save the environment.

Complacency is easy; it just happens.  Paying attention is hard. It takes energy, not only to learn about the issues, but also to take the action.  You can easily overwhelm yourself trying to get on board with every single action that feels necessary and then feel guilty because you forgot your travel mug one day. 

But we must, we must pay attention.  Let me say that again PAY ATTENTION.  

We are all in this together; there is only one finite earth. 

Start paying attention by having a look at The Story of Stuff.  Pay attention to your own actions. 

Once you become aware, you will want to change.  For your own sake.



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