Running to stand still

Lately, I have this sense that someone has pushed fast forward on my life.  It seems everything is going lightening speed.  Like I am running to stand still

It can be staggering, tiring, overwhelming all at the same time.  When these things surface, it’s best for me to curl up with a good book, unplugged.  Or hit the yoga mat.  To recharge, renew and resurface with new life. 

And there are moments when this produces a large grin on my face.   Because this is exciting – not stagnating.  Stimulating.  I am learning, growing, moving – Living

All I know is life is one crazy adventure.  Best to hang on and enjoy the ride.



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2 responses to “Running to stand still

  1. funny you should say that, I’m having a run of days where for some reason just slogging through is about all I can seem to do – just barely catching up as it were. I’m glad I read this post… feels good to know I’m not the only one.

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