What’s your handle?

Hmm.. pondering the question “what’s your label?” from Tara over at Scoutie Girl is asking this week for We Scout Wednesdays.  I have noticed a shift in myself.  Here’s the scoop: 

This is the ultimate cocktail party question that in the past I always hated answering.  In my previous life, the scenario went something like this:  “What do you do?”  “Um, I’m a probation officer” “Oh.”  walks away.  Yup.  Keep in mind, I lived in small northern towns and in one of them I was THE ONLY probation officer.  So, I usually steered far away from that topic of conversation.  When my friends and I went to Vegas one year, I told them NOT to tell any one I was a PO – to pick something else like lawyer; I could fake a lawyer if I needed to.  Hilariously, we met these guys who were….wait for it…you got it, prison guards.  And they were doing the same thing.  My friends roared! 

Now a days, three years out of government life, I have gone through an evolution of labels.  When I left government, I actually ran off and became a yoga teacher.  The jewellery was there, but only part-time, on the periphery.  For a year, I taught full-time, and would say ” I teach yoga”.  Then, after my first show, and a cut back of teaching, I started to say:  “I teach yoga and I make and sell jewellery.”

Over the course of the jewellery biz life, I have played with the name and have gone from Silver Gems, to Leona’s Silver Gems, to Silver Links, to Silver Lynx.  And now when I introduce myself, I say “I design and sell handmade jewellery”. 

Tara’s point is that whatever you label yourself can give you the power, the confidence to BE that and more.  I remember clearly in teacher training when Craig started to call us teachers.  It was about the time we finished posture clinic; into week 8.  His point was clear:  You are teachers, so act like you are teachers.  I thought it was a cool shift in perspective. 

Choose your label consciously. 

Choose your label with flourish. 

And then Go For It!



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4 responses to “What’s your handle?

  1. I tend to run from any and all labels, but…this? “Whatever you label yourself can give you the power, the confidence to BE that and more.” This just might change my mind for good.

    • Oh, thanks. We all have a variety of labels…some conscious, others not so much. So I am becoming a believer that to stand up and BE is so important and vital to my lifeforce.

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