Inspired by: Pink Snow

Here in Victoria, we have blooming cherry trees cycling through the city in March & April.  It’s one of the first signs of spring. 

Pink Snow, it’s been called, for the way the fallen blossoms carpet the land.

Cherry Blossoms in Victoria

Pink Snow

I love the appearance of the blossoms.  It gives the place a cheery, cherry glow, a welcome sign after our winter, which usually consists of wind, rain and sometimes all too grey days.  The pink pompoms perk me right up. 

I was inspired by the pinkness of this dichroic glass cabochon to create a cherry blossom pendant.  Here it is – in process and all finished.  You can see the glass and the small pink cubic zirconias placed in the branches:

Ready to fire

After firing, before polishing



Cheery Cherry Blossoms



How do flowers inspire you?



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